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With a workforce of 300,000+ spread across more than 700 offices in 150+ countries, EY stands as one of the leading accounting and professional services firms in the world. Their overarching goal is to improve the global work environment, and they achieve this by offering valuable insights and services that drive long-term benefits for clients while fostering trust in capital markets.


'Building a better working world' requires a better working website

EY offers cutting-edge insights and articles that serve as a central hub for their four integrated service lines: Assurance, Consulting, Strategy, and Transactions & Tax. However, their outdated digital platform failed to fully showcase their profound knowledge of the industry, while the user experience lacked clarity and engagement.

The objective was to rebuild a digital platform that could guide users through a vast amount of content and highlight the most up-to-date and pertinent insights at every stage of the journey. Consequently, EY developed a robust platform that accurately reflected the value of their services.


Main objectives

  1. Create a distinctive and clean UI system

  2. Ensure that clear navigation and discovery are at the forefront of the experience

  3. Identify opportunities to create modules that elevate the experience


My role

When I joined the project, it had already been in progress for a year. At this point the UX foundations were firmly established, providing a solid base from which to work. I was part of the UI team of 4 tasked with breathing life into the site and ensure a cohesive, engaging user experience. My work included the main navigation, country selector, events and article pages.

Oscar Lozano


Oscar Lozano


Oscar Lozano